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Hurricane Ida Relief


As I'm sure everyone has seen over the last few weeks, Hurricane Ida carved a path through Louisiana up to New York and New Jersey. In it's wake it has left thousands of people stranded without power, food, gas and other essential supplies.

The owner of Fuku Knives, Brent Loving, had the chance to talk with people that have been directly affected by this storm and to put it as simply as possible, people need our help.

Many people are pushing pushed out of their homes and many others that evacuated aren't allowed to return to their homes, due to mass shortages of supplies in the affected areas. 

We believe in putting the well-being of people first and foremost, hence the name fuku (blessings, luck and fortune). So during these most difficult times we have pledged to donated the profits from September's sales to providing food to people and families in need. 

We will be making donations at the end of each week to Feeding America a non-profit organization that focuses on providing food and hot meals to the people that have been effected by the storm.

Knife community we have always looked out for one another and now it's our turn to show the power of our community! Let's help make a difference and help those in need when they need us the most!

If you aren't in the market for a knife or cutting board at this time but would still like to help, please contact and we will let you know how donations can be made. Or if you would like to donate directly to Feeding America, you can follow this link.

Thank you to everyone for the amazing support we have received in our first 3 months in business!



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